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Mobile Wifi

Difficulty to find free Wi-Fi in Japan

For checking a map, making an online reservation for the restaurant, and posting nice photos on SNS, internet connection is essential for travelers. On the other hand, a lot of travelers are not satisfied for free Wi-Fi in Japan. According to a 2017 survey by Japan Tourism Agency, 21% of travelers experienced difficulties to find free Wi-Fi in Japan. The metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka trying to expand the coverage of free Wi-Fi especially around the public transportations, but it’s still difficult to find hot spots in the cities or other areas. Even if you find the free Wi-Fi, you might have to register your personal information for one time use.

What is Moble Wi-Fi?

Mobile Wi-Fi would relieve you of the limitation of internet access. A small Wi-Fi router enable you to connect the local mobile phone network, and your devises are connected to the internet all the time with unlimited data. You can pick up & drop off the mobile router at the major airports in Japan. Once you get the small Wi-Fi router, you can connect the internet right away by just entering your password.