Winter yellowknife aurora 3days Chateau Nova Yellowknife


General information

Winter yellowknife aurora 3days Chateau Nova Yellowknife  

Tour point
Point 1
Aurora viewing under high conditions unique to Yellowknife
Point 2
Experience the aurora with Yellowknife, which has very suitable conditions for viewing the aurora
Point 3
Many optional tours such as various sleds are also available

"Aurora" seen with Yellowknife
Canada has some aurora sights, but Yellowknife is a special one.
It is located right under the aurora Belato in a latitude and latitude area, and it has excellent conditions in the plains and a high rate of fine weather. I am.
The Aurora Village, an exclusive viewing facility equipped with various facilities for viewing the northern lights, is a great point to enjoy comfortable viewing.


Day 1   Arrival from Yellowknife Airport from each city

 After being greeted by a local Japanese guide at the airport, we will guide you to the hotel

21:30   (* Departs around 22:30 after March 2)

 Aurora viewing tour at Aurora Village (about 4.5 hours)

Day 2   Free time in the afternoon. Please enjoy various optional tours.

21:30  (* Departs around 22:30 after March 2)

  Aurora viewing tour at Aurora Village (about 4.5 hours)

Day 3  Local Japanese guide from hotel to Yellowknife Airport

  Depart for each city

Tour details

Included in the price   Round-trip transportation to/from Yellowknife Airport / Hotel / Japanese guide / Aurora viewing tour for the number of nights / Accommodation fee / Winter clothes / Taxes / Tips

Minimum number   1 adult

Schedule time   -

Tour time  2 nights 3 days

Tour stay hotel   Chateau Nova Yellowknife

Operator   JTB International (Canada) Ltd. / Aurora Village

      who can climb the stairs themselves
Handicap information     who are not able to climb stairs by themselves, but who are able to ascend and descend with a helper
      who use wheelchairs accompanied by a caregiver

Tickets to Yellowknife Airport are not included.
For airlines, use Air Canada or WestJet. We cannot make arrangements for other airlines.
For flights arriving after 23:00, there will be an additional charge of $26.25 (tax included) per person.
If the flight flight number changes due to factors such as the weather on the day, an additional charge of $26.25 (per person) may be charged on site. If the flight number changes, please contact the local operator.
The Aurora viewing tour is about 4.5 hours including the time to travel to the viewing site.
The journey time to the viewing site is about 30 minutes each way.
The departure time of the Aurora viewing may change.
If you arrive after midnight due to flight delay, you may not be able to participate in Aurora viewing. In that case, there is no refund.
There is no guarantee of the number of beds. Beds will be shared if 3 or more people use 1 room, and extra beds may be charged an additional fee locally.
The maximum number of people per room is 4 for adults and children.
Child/infant fees are applicable when accompanied by 2 or more adults, and children will be sleeping together.
You will need to provide your ID at the hotel check-in. Please submit your passport, etc.
ID is required for check-in at the airport. Please submit your passport, etc.
Only those under the age of 19 are not allowed to participate.
Aurora kotatsu is available for $26.25 (tax included) per person. (You can use it from 21:30 for about 3 hours)
The additional charge will be settled only on-site. Please pay directly to the guide in charge at the site. Payment after returning to Japan cannot be accepted
Flight information on arrival and departure
At the time of application, information on the height of all customers, shoe size, and clothing size (S, M, L, XL) is required.
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